Children raised in two-parent households have better outcomes across almost every dimension. Studies also show that being in a happy marriage contributes to longevity and life satisfaction. However, there is currently very little support out there for people who are looking for assistance in managing their marital relationship.

Because of the huge societal good from keeping married couples who want to stay together in their relationships, marriage counseling for interested couples should be free or heavily subsidized by the government.


Marriage rates have plummeted across the board in America. And if you do get married, it’s tough to stay together through all of the stresses that accompany marriage and particularly child-rearing. Any couple that stays together is a win for the next generation. We should support families who want to stay together in any way we can.
— Andrew


Problems to be Solved

  • Divorce negatively impacts the adults involved as well as children
  • Children from two-parent households have, on average, better outcomes across most metrics
  • Provide assistance to couples who want to remain together but are struggling
Guiding Principles
  • Social cohesion
  • Family


As President, I will…

  • Include family counseling in any healthcare plan offered through the federal government
  • Mandate the inclusion of family counseling services in any plan sold through the ACA marketplaces
  • Subsidize marriage counseling provided by any credentialed provider through the tax code