Social Security is one of the greatest social programs in America. However, especially with the Baby Boomers reaching retirement age, there are constant worries of it becoming insolvent.

There are also many Americans who receive Social Security benefits but in no way need it to live out a safe, secure, and comfortable retirement. The program should institute means testing to ensure fiscal solvency while still serving the needs of the millions of Americans who do rely on it for their income after leaving the workforce.


Social Security is designed to ensure that all Americans live a secure and dignified retirement. Wealthy Americans who have no financial concerns and don’t need the support shouldn’t receive it so that the program can be more sustainable for those who do.
— Andrew


Problems to be Solved

  • Social Security is a costly program that is paying money out to people who don’t need it
  • Make Social Security fiscally solvent indefinitely
Guiding Principles
  • Equity


As President, I will…

  • Work with Congress to alter Social Security into a means-tested program where Americans with more post-retirement income receive lower benefits on a sliding scale.  This would save billions a year and help ensure Social Security’s solvency for future generations.