Responsible gun owners should enjoy the right to bear arms, subject to licensing and education requirements. Just as we require people to pass a test to drive a car, we should require people to pass a test to own a gun.

However, those who are flagged as dangerously mentally ill, have been convicted of violent crimes, or have a history of spousal abuse should not be able to own weapons.

Additionally, we need to restrict the ownership of military-style, semi-automatic weapons that can incur mass casualties.


We are a diverse nation, and that includes our attitudes toward gun usage and ownership. Most Americans agree on common-sense restrictions for criminals and the mentally ill to access guns. As President, I will support sensible regulation of guns, including making it harder to own military-style firearms, while recognizing that the right to bear arms is important to millions of law-abiding Americans. I will also support innovation in firearms, including handprint signature guns that can only be used by the owner.
— Andrew


Problems to be Solved

  • The gun debate is dominated by the extremes when most Americans agree that responsible gun-ownership with some restrictions is the proper policy
  • Current gun laws have been pushed in a dangerous direction by lobbying groups only looking out for the profits of gun manufacturers
  • Technological innovation has been overlooked as a way to curb misuse of guns
  • Maintain individual Second Amendment rights
  • Increase the education requirements for gun ownership
  • Prevent dangerous individuals from owning guns
  • Restrict the sale/ownership of military-grade, semi-automatic weapons
  • Encourage innovation in firearm personalization and safety
Guiding Principles
  • Freedom
  • Education
  • Safety


As President, I will…

  • Propose education requirements for gun ownership.
  • Propose a restriction on the sale/purchase of semi-automatic military-style weapons.
  • Propose a restriction on the sale of guns to those with:
    • A history of violent crime
    • A history of domestic abuse
    • A mental illness diagnosis where a professional has determined the pose a risk to themselves or others.
  • Veto any legislation passed that I believe puts too much of a restriction on a responsible individual to own a gun.
  • Support innovation to make firearms more personalized to their owners.